At Mortgage Insource Services, LLC (MIS), we are proud of our Kentucky heritage. Our bourbon, thoroughbreds and horse farms are considered some of the best in the world. We strive for excellence; it is instilled in our traditions and our way of life. It is the hallmark of a great fulfillment company. MIS is committed to the tradition of excellence providing resources to our clients in the mortgage industry.

MIS provides fulfillment services for processing, underwriting, prefunding, and closing to Community Banks, Credit Unions, and Brokers. The vision of MIS is to be the back office for a mortgage operation supplying the technology and highly qualified staff to allow our Clients to compete in their marketplace. The Client can simply take the loan application and MIS does the rest, thus providing a mortgage operation with minimal cost.

MIS can also take care of any overflow the Client may experience. By outsourcing the functions of processing, underwriting, and closing, Clients can keep their cost-per-loan to a minimum while maintaining control of the functions. For lending institutions that do not currently have a secondary mortgage division, MIS can supply the LOS as well as the other functions necessary for the operation. All the Client would need is a mortgage loan officer to take the application, MIS will do the rest.

As smooth as our bourbon, as fast as our racehorses, and as beautiful as our horse farms, MIS can provide the client with the tools to achieve excellence, not only in the marketplace but also in customer experience.


Do you have overflow needs in your processing department or lack the trained personnel? Maybe your processor just resigned or is on vacation. MIS is your answer. MIS can seamlessly step in, process the loan, get it to underwriting and the closing table.


Qualified underwriters are sometimes hard to find. We employ the best available talent in the marketplace. MIS assures that the loans sold to the Client’s investors or put in their own portfolio are of investment quality.

  • Our underwriters each have over 25 years
  • They underwrite to agency guidelines and investor overlays
  • We assures that the loans sold to the Client’s investors are of investment quality

Pre-Funding and LOS

MIS offers pre-funding Quality Control to our Clients. The industry puts great emphasis on this phase of the loan. The thought being that it is better to know of any issues regarding quality prior to closing to assure viable loans are put on the books.

  • We offer our Clients a web-based solution to expedite the processing of qualified applications. The loan operating system (LOS) can be accessed by your loan officers, or MIS can offer a customer direct point of sale(POS) branded in the Client’s name.
  • We assist the Client every step of the way in meeting the technological challenges of today’s environment. MIS can provide the LOS or POS solution as part of our other services. Our LOS solution allows the lender to take good, error-free applications online and electronically.

Outsource Collateral Underwriting

MIS offers Collateral Underwriting. You can save time and money by outsourcing your appraisal review to us. The appraisal will be reviewed to conventional and USPAP guidelines by an experienced Collateral Underwriter.

  • Increases capacity for the underwriter
    • An underwriter can increase productivity twice as much by not having to review appraisals
    • There is no second-guessing for underwriter, our expert takes care of items in question
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology that assesses the property’s condition based on image classification and review, saving a great deal of time in the valuation process. 
  • Use of Real View Appraisal Technology by Core Logic to enhance the appraisal review process
  • Appraisal Review dedicated to your team
  • All work performed onshore
  • Fast turn-around-time
  • USPAP Certified reviewer
  • NMLS Licensed
  • One-on-One communication between reviewer and lender
  • Reviews can be customizable

Partner with MIS to create competitive advantage, provide exceptional customer service, and maximize LO productivity

Areas MIS Services

Currently servicing: Kentucky,  Tennessee, Florida, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Texas, South Carolina, Colorado, Ohio, Iowa and Virginia.

We are expanding rapidly into additional states. Please contact us if you are from a state not listed.

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