Our Experts

Our team of associates provides enhancement and expansion of the co-founders’ knowledge base. Whatever your needs from strategic planning to complete set up, we have it covered.

Let Mortgage Insource Services fulfill your mortgage needs.

Meet our Experts

  • Jill Varney

    Jill started in the mortgage industry in 1995 after graduating from LSU.  She has held several positions from Wholesale Liaison to starting an underwriting...

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  • Susan Fuller

    Susan started in the mortgage business in 1978 after graduating college with a degree in Agricultural Business.

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  • Deanea Wells

    Her 25 years of experience affords her a vast knowledge of community banking and the obstacles that present today for community banks.

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  • Kristie Kee

    Kristie lives by the notion that Quality and production are equally important and believes this is why she is an asset to the MIS Team.

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  • Robyn Johnson

    Robyn began her career in banking in 1991 as a teller with a bank in Lexington, KY.

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  • Brenda Ray

    Brenda started in the mortgage business, working for a temp service in Northern Virginia, that catered to the mortgage banking industry.

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  • Jamie Rabalais

    Jamie started in the mortgage industry in 2011 as a processor for a local Credit Union in Louisville, Kentucky.

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  • Janet Brummer

    Janet joined Mortgage Insource Services as an underwriter. She has her NMLS in 14 states.

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  • Sheree Skaggs

    Sheree started her career in the mortgage industry in 1973 working at a local Savings & Loan in Overland MO. 

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